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If you're considering buying a home but are concerned about the down payment, don't let it discourage you. We offer down payment assistance to qualified buyers. Discover how Dean Rathbun can help make homeownership a reality for you. 

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  • Program is needs based and is for underserved applicants.
  • Prior to submission or locking the loan, Broker is required to complete and upload product checklist for FCB review and approval.
  • Purchase transactions only.
  • Subject property must be in one of FCB - CRA assessment areas.
  • Borrowers must meet qualifying income limits.
  • Not limited to first time homebuyers.
  • Non-Occupant co-borrowers NOT allowed
  • Eligible Programs: Conforming, FHA, or Community Opportunity. (Refer to the individual Loan Programs for minimum and maximum loan limits).
  • Borrowers may NOT hold ownership interest in another property at the time of closing.
  • May only be used once per Borrower.
  • Maximum interested party contribution limits apply based on applicable loan program.

Yes, if you ask for it. The CRA must tell you everything in your report, including medical information, and in most cases, the sources of the information. The CRA also must give you a list of everyone who has requested your report within the past year-two years for employment related requests.

  • The subject property must be in one of the below allowable areas, AND
  • The borrower must be moving TO or FROM a Majority Minority Census Tract (MMCT) in one of the allowable areas.

  • California Counties

    Contra CostaLos AngelesNapaOrange
    PlacerRiversideSacramentoSan Bernardino
    San DiegoSan FranciscoSan MateoSanta Clara

FCB defines a First-Generation Homebuyer as:

  • A borrower who has not owned a home in the last three years AND, whose Parent(s) never owned a home, OR a borrower who has in foster care.
  • Any ownership of fractional heir property interests arising from unadministered estates does not count as owning a home.
  • A borrower who was raised by Guardian(s) meets the definition of a First-Generation homebuyer regardless of Guardian's property ownership status.
  • Borrower must complete a FCB First Generation Homebuyer Declaration.

Grant funds will be applied in the following order at closing:

1.) Closing Costs
2.) Pre-paid taxes and insurance
3.) Discount points
4.) Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium (FHA UFMIP - no split, Conventional single premium or up front portion of split premium)